joi, 12 februarie 2009

Cyprus via Germany

I had a really busy week last week. Took me a few days to get back on track. First, I went to Dortmund for a Colloquium dedicated to PhD students. I had the opportunity of receiving feedback on my work so far from a reputed German scholar, Berndt Ostendorf, specialist in American studies. I haven't often met people so inspiring as him, so I'm grateful for this meeting and I cherish every moment of it. What's more, all the presentations were very interesting, so I had a good deal to learn from all the other PhD candidates and form our supervisors.
Then, I flew to Cyprus for the WCES international conference on educational studies. I had a great life and learning experience there too. You can watch here the presentation I delivered. It's about integrating web tools into the ESP classroom and about connecting students from around and across the world.
I'm back home now, and I'm much richer :)