vineri, 21 martie 2008

I love Timisoara! :)

Whenever I have guests I realize how proud I am to be living in Timisoara..

marți, 11 martie 2008


Haven't written in a while..

I'm busy with different projects. There's Rotaract, where I'm a volunteer, and this week we turn 40! :) Well, at least Rotaract in the world does. We have an anniversary project and many presentations about what it means to be a rotaractor.

Then there's school.. I chose a group of students from International Relations and European Studies to be part of a cross-continental project. In fact I'm quite excited about our Sister Classes from Brazil, USA, Kuweit, Hungary, Sudan and Argentina (if I'm not mistaken). We are working on presentations which we'll share with students from these countries. Then we'll leave comments and questions about their slideshows, it's all so new and interesting! We are keeping in touch on this blog.

Interesting spring ahead..