miercuri, 17 decembrie 2008

Respect '89

Eroii nu mor niciodata


Dupa succesul de anul trecut al actiunii "Mos Craciun vine cu motocicleta", haideti sa sustinem ONG-ul Timisoara Bikers si anul acesta, in efortul lor caritabil! Astfel, SAMBATA, 20 Decembrie, de la 13.30, la Filarmonica Banatul din Timisoara, in jur de 200 de copii din 3 centre de plasament din Timis (Centrul nr 1 din Timisoara, Centrele din Recas si Gavojdia) vor participa la o serbare de Craciun. Micii artisti vor primi apoi cadouri si se vor bucura, speram, de sarbatori mai fericite..

duminică, 16 noiembrie 2008


I'm a hypocrite. Am I a hypocrite? I'm teaching students in Journalism this year. They should be incisive, fair but aggressive. More than anything, they should WRITE. About anything, at all times. But when using wikis to work with them should we have any language restrictions? Me and my colleague made it very clear to them from the beginning that we're working on an academic space where they should "watch the language". BUT: isn't it a form of hypocrisy on my behalf? Pretending swear words don't exist in a language? Isn't it a form of censorship, to erase words which have offensive connotations? I for one use bad words sometimes, I listen to hip hop, I don't blush when I say a ... joke.On the other hand, accepting these things will lead us educators WHERE?

I'm confrunting with this dilemma. Help!

sâmbătă, 1 noiembrie 2008

duminică, 5 octombrie 2008

Duck Race

5000 ducks racing on the Bega River. Each of them had an 'adoptive' parent who donated 5 lei for the rehabilitation of this river crossing our city.

It was a big event, the first of its kind in Timisoara, so I'm proud to have been part of the organizing team. At the end of the day, we raised money, and had fun (despite the cold, pouring rain)! Moreover, people gathered on the banks of the river and felt something was, at last, going to be done in order to change the lousy state it's been in for decades. Being a volunteer really fills my life with interesting experiences, and my heart with joy.

duminică, 20 aprilie 2008


Sister classes

We've done it!!! I'm very proud of the above post because it shows the results of my work together with my first year students in International Relations and European Studies :) The slideshow is part of a "Sister Classes" project carried out in 6 countries across the world (thanks to Larry Ferlazzo).

It's the first time I'm involved in such an activity and producing the voicethread has had its challenges but the outcome is certainly worth it ;)

So I guess congrats are in order for everyone involved!

vineri, 21 martie 2008

I love Timisoara! :)

Whenever I have guests I realize how proud I am to be living in Timisoara..

marți, 11 martie 2008


Haven't written in a while..

I'm busy with different projects. There's Rotaract, where I'm a volunteer, and this week we turn 40! :) Well, at least Rotaract in the world does. We have an anniversary project and many presentations about what it means to be a rotaractor.

Then there's school.. I chose a group of students from International Relations and European Studies to be part of a cross-continental project. In fact I'm quite excited about our Sister Classes from Brazil, USA, Kuweit, Hungary, Sudan and Argentina (if I'm not mistaken). We are working on presentations which we'll share with students from these countries. Then we'll leave comments and questions about their slideshows, it's all so new and interesting! We are keeping in touch on this blog.

Interesting spring ahead..


miercuri, 13 februarie 2008

I'm reading..

Splendid book.. Best writer I've discovered in years.. Whirls up so many and varied emotions. I'm preparing to read his second novel: A Thousand Splendid Suns. The title promises so much; I'm sure the book will deliver..

miercuri, 30 ianuarie 2008

Blogging and Twittering! :)

I've been using Bloglines for a year to keep track of my favourite bloggers and to browse through newspapers daily. Now I have also started twittering like Tweety but on Twitter :-) It is fun and catchy I must confess! I'm discovering new and interesting stuff on our course on Web 2.0 for ESP. Not bad, not bad at all.. :-)

duminică, 27 ianuarie 2008

Midwinter Night's Dream

...in Milan last month

sâmbătă, 26 ianuarie 2008

A sort of a welcome note

You can't control a flying soul..
Mine is wandering through the beauties of a Romanian winter and the duties (exams, grades, ...).
Fly on!