miercuri, 30 ianuarie 2008

Blogging and Twittering! :)

I've been using Bloglines for a year to keep track of my favourite bloggers and to browse through newspapers daily. Now I have also started twittering like Tweety but on Twitter :-) It is fun and catchy I must confess! I'm discovering new and interesting stuff on our course on Web 2.0 for ESP. Not bad, not bad at all.. :-)

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Carla Raguseo spunea...

Dear Mona,

Congratulations on your blog! And thanks for adding mine to your sidebar.
It was a pleasure to meet you at WiZiQ last Saturday and learn about your experiences with your students.

Best regards from Argentina,
Carla Raguseo

andreeapl spunea...

hey, thanks for sharing your 5. :)
yeah, i remember your newly found love for french! :D you freak! ;)
and i'd just like to tell u, my secret dream is also to write a book. a bestseller if possible, with lots of sequels (and prequels), a fanclub, a cool movie made after it, that later becomes a cult favourite. :))))
have a great weekend.

kiss, kiss,

Gabriela Grosseck spunea...

You should keep the blog for working with your students! I am sure you have good stuff to share! Not only English :)