duminică, 5 octombrie 2008

Duck Race

5000 ducks racing on the Bega River. Each of them had an 'adoptive' parent who donated 5 lei for the rehabilitation of this river crossing our city.

It was a big event, the first of its kind in Timisoara, so I'm proud to have been part of the organizing team. At the end of the day, we raised money, and had fun (despite the cold, pouring rain)! Moreover, people gathered on the banks of the river and felt something was, at last, going to be done in order to change the lousy state it's been in for decades. Being a volunteer really fills my life with interesting experiences, and my heart with joy.

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Josefin1900 spunea...

Thanks for the news and pics. You have a link in Timisoara's page, at
http://timisoara.com CyberTim Forum Timisoara News - Timisoara Stiri.

Thanks again, Alex

andreeapl spunea...

hey, love the ducks! just look at them filing past, all cute and yellow!
started the book, btw. so poignant! brought tears to the corner of my eyes. have you read the one about babeti, where she confesses to the crime of pilfering wood from Parcul Pionierilor back in the day? heartwarming!